Consumer Care Brands

Strong Enduring Brands

Our impressive brand portfolio along with good brand strategies and operational excellence has made us a top competitor in virtually every category in which we compete—from Analgesics and Nutritionals to Cough and Cold, Gastrointestinals and Medicated Skin Care. This leadership ranges from leading global brands including Rennie™, One A Day™ and Canesten™ to trusted local favorites such as Citracal™ and Theraflex™. Today, our product portfolio is a reflection of our focus on balancing innovation and growth with consistency for maximum performance.

Bayer Aspirin™, Aleve™/Flanax™, Actron™, Midol™

CASF (cough, cold, allergy, sinus, flu)
Alka-Seltzer Plus™, Tabcin™, Nazol™, White & Black™

Berocca™, Elevit™, One A Day™, Supradyn™, Redoxon™, Cal-D-Vita™, Citracal™, Flintstones™, Theraflex™

Alka-Seltzer™, Lefax™, Rennie™, Phillips’™

Bepanthen™/Bepanthol™, Canesten™, Priorin™, Relief™, Biseptine™, Hydralin™, RID™

Cardio Aspirin
Bayer 81 mg Aspirin™, Bayer™ Aspirin Regimen Low Dose

Product Milestones:
1899 Aspirin™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1930 Rennie™ introduced to the market
1931 Alka-Seltzer™ launch
1934 Redoxon™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1940 One A Day™ vitamins launch
1944 Bepanthen™ range of dermatological products launched
1959 Supradyn™ introduced as an OTC medicine
1969 Berocca™ brought to market
1977 Canesten™ switched from an Rx to an OTC anti-mycotic
1984 Elevit™ launch
2007 Aleve™ Liquid Gels launch
2007 Citracal™ acquired into Bayer Consumer Care portfolio
2008 White & Black™ introduced in China under Bayer name through acquisition of Topsun
2013 Iberogast® and Laif® acquired into Bayer Consumer Care portfolio through the acquisition of Steigerwald




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